On meeting newly arrived French artist Linda Naili, Always Exquisite, Inc "Olivia Wolff"  recognized her talents and was instrumental in getting her recognition and a "spotlight feature" in less than a month of her signing in VENÜ Contemporary Culture Magazine. VENU a prestigious publication which highlights the regions finest professional and emerging creative talent, with stunning visuals and intriguing articles.

 linda presse 1VENÜ's distribution is phenomenal reaching private jet terminals and luxury residential buildings/hotels both in NYC and CT,  Miami will be starting with the Nov/Dec issue !

Linda sought to capture the essence of her Mediterranean culture & its flavor which grew to become a source of great inspiration. She herself is a person of deep humility and her focus to her passion for animals and painting has no other course but more one of purpose.

Linda's work reflects " La douceur de vie" of The South of France, St Tropez and Monte Carlo in her latest series of paintings to be unveiled during the ART WEEK 2012 In Miami Beach.

Linda wanted her works to serve as a "haven of peaceful meditation,"

believing that her paintings would soothe and let the eye gaze in peace...

Other of Linda's inspiration is based on her passion for the universe of astronomy and aero physics... Linda is fascinated by the stars and the energy that are result of a fusion of materials in the universe that are in constant move: "The planets, stars at the end of life and the colors that appear when a star dies fascinates me "Says Linda. " I read many books on quantum physics and materials found in the universe...The colors of my painting evoke the mixture of these elements, the matching of Helium, Hydrogen and Methane. These tracks of asteroids and shooting stars that disappear into the ocean, their adventures in the Milky Way excite and inspire me".

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