Linda Naili is a complete artist with a strong presence, she has a rich creativity with multiple energetic art work.
The artist began as a designer creating her first jeans brand, in 2008 she used to paint on a limited editions of men and women outfit made of denim which gave her a burning desire to become artist. Her art work is based on abstract style first inspired by the American artist Jackson Pollock, Linda explored different forms and colors mix during many years. What Linda liked the most about abstract is that it is far away from representational concept. After learning more concerning art styles, forms and colors ,she discovered new techniques and genre that she has experimented since 2012 she quickly became absorbed, passioned by these forms and genre of painting such as abstract landscapes, abstract portraits and faces, as we can notice abstract is still and will always be her main movement of surrealism and Impressionism. Her source of inspiration since many years concerning the abstract nature comes from the beautiful colors in the paintings of the French master of Impressionism Claude Monet.

The key and messages behind Linda Naili art work are imperfect forms, beauty of abstract landscapes to sensitize the world for the preservation of Mother Nature and our planet. Beauty and joy are everywhere around us if only open our eyes and take time to enjoy it, said the artist.
Linda Naili create art works on different supports such as canvas, glass , wood using acrylic sometimes oil and various tools such as, brush, palette knife and wood tip.

 Linda Naili , abstract landscape,bridge into the nature leading to happiness 2019. The original painting nominated as best painting of the week March 2019 by Jose Art Gallery in America.


Art is intuition and passion, it has to flow from the heart.
Each time I pick up my brush I feel that something unexpected, magical will appear on my canvas. Creativity is my world, color is my passion and imagination is my precious source .
When I paint I am always in constant need to create more intense colours, more energetic and deeper vision in my art movement whether is abstract landscapes or abstract portraits by taping into my consciousness .
My constant quest is to communicate my feelings, my ideas through my paintings with the whole world guided by my inner wealth which is imagination .
Art for ever.

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